Town of Vincent, Alabama                  25 Florey Street, Vincent, AL 35178  
What began as land granted to the Kidd family in the 1800's became the Town of Vincent, Alabama. Vincent received its name after one of the Kidd daughters, Anna Bella Vincent. Three significant things happened leading to the incorporation of the town.  The establishment of a school in 1854, the post office and the building of the railroad in 1887.  The Town of Vincent's Charter was enacted into Law by the State Legislature on February 16, 1887.

Vincent has a population of 2003.  The Town is progressive while retaining an " Old Towne" feel. Vincent has local shops and K-12 schools in the Shelby County School System. Vincent is home to the state's largest living Christmas tree. In addition to the quiet country living experience, other areas of Vincent offer enticing opportunities for business development.  Vincent has many untapped economic possibilities.  Come experience and enjoy the slower paced Vincent lifestyle and you will want to make it your lifestyle, too!

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City of Vincent
T.W. Bell - The First Mayor of Vincent - 1897Virginia Stallworth Sharbutt - First Female Mayor of Vincent - 1967-1968James H. Sharbutt  - Mayor - 1949-1967